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At Perfect Package, we strive for humility when it comes to spreading the knowledge about handmade decorations. Our compromise is always to promote a new DIY style of event planning and here is where you come in.

This is the perfect opportunity to develop our staff’s devotion to the DIY and stationery world, which wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for our sponsors. By sponsoring us, you are helping us pay for our web hosting service and a wonderful staff that works hard on delivering quality information.

Enjoy Features and Rewards

When you become our sponsor, you receive weekly information with special features of our news and articles. Choose how you want the information to be delivered, by email, notifications on your smartphone, or letters if you provide an address.

If you decide to support us and are interested in learning new DIY techniques, our volunteer program is ready to give you free classes as a reward. You can choose between handmade stationery party decorations, and how to plan an event from scratch.

Every month we raffle some special prizes for our sponsors such as the free entrance to our DIY events conferences hosted by our team. You can also earn special products that we have made ourselves to decorate any kind of corporate event with handmade and classy items.

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By becoming our sponsor, we offer to place banners of your business or brand in our digital magazine, making sure the article is related to your brand. Sponsored logos will remain visible for any reader, as we want to avoid filling the webpage with ads.

Sponsor the Magic, Become the Magic.

Becoming our sponsor is easy because you need only send us an email stating that you want to sponsor us and we will walk you through how to do it in simple steps.