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Ruby Sims came from artistic parents who taught her the importance of art in life since she was little. They encouraged the little girl to grab her ideas and goals with both hands. When she got into college, one of the small jobs she had to pay for her studies was managing birthday parties for her friends.

Once she finished college, Ruby stayed at the freelance job but as a graduated social psychologist, although that was about to change. Years later, a friend offered her to write articles for a web magazine about event planning, which she accepted immediately.

Perfect Packages Changing Lives

As time went by, she got more appreciation for her articles. Suddenly, the magazine’s director decided to quit, giving her complete control over the website. Ruby Sims was now in charge of changing people’s lives through events and parties.

She reinvented the whole team by teaching them the importance of art in life just like her parents did. Soon enough, with a new name, Perfect Packages was changing into a magazine full of art and DIY tips about event planning, event decoration, and stationery parties in general.

Perfect Package’s Goals

One of the first aims of this magazine is to promote the use of handcrafted stationery for parties. It’s important to be able to develop something with your own hands instead of buying it ready at the shops.

Perfect Package seeks to promote all kinds of homemade decorations with the perfect style.

Our team works every day to get you the latest DIY trends for any party decoration. From homemade invitations to little details about event styling, in our magazine, you will find everything to make that perfect party something to remember.