5 Cheap and Fantastic Styles for DIY Party Invitations

When talking about cheap party invitations, think about easy-to-find materials, DIY projects, and fun times. Your parties will change forever after taking these ideas for invitations that you can make yourself and give the event a unique touch.

C is for Cookie

If you’re organizing a kid’s birthday party, cookies are an excellent choice to create tasty party invitations. Send a cookie along with a handwritten note and the children will love it, as everybody enjoys edible gifts.

To give it a unique touch, find an easy recipe online and bake them yourself. If you are too busy to bake cookies, go to the nearest bakery and get different flavours at a great price.

5 Cheap and Fantastic Styles for DIY Party Invitations cookies - 5 Cheap and Fantastic Styles for DIY Party Invitations

Personalized Printed Invitations

Take advantage of the tools available in this technological era by designing your party invitations. You go online, choose a template, customize it, and print the invitations at home, all of which are cheaper than buying a bulk of ready-made invitations.

Additionally, you can add themed preferences such as fonts, colours, and other items.

Pool Toy Invitations

Pool parties are excellent for the summer and to make a fitting invitation you just visit a cheap toy store, get pool toys like balls, and send them to the guests. Attach the invitation with the venue, date, and time.

You can include a reminder for your guests to bring their gift toy to the party, as this encourages sharing and more fun to be had.

Party Favours

One of the best ideas for a fantastic party is sending a favour with the invitation card. If your party is a baby shower, you can send a small baby bottle. If it’s a Batman-themed event, send a bat-shaped badge with the card.

For bachelor parties, you can send small adult toys with the invitation in them. The favour should always match the event’s theme.

This is an excellent way to awaken curiosity among guests and brings up fun to the party.

Everybody Loves Balloons

Balloons are a beautiful way of sending cheap invitation cards. Go to the nearest store or get balloons from old birthday parties at home. Make a fitting note and tie them with a string. All guests will be excited about the creative invitation and everybody loves balloons.

If you take these ideas as inspiration and adjust them to your party’s theme and hand them over to your guests, your party invitations can be cheap. There’s plenty of easy-to-make and budget-friendly ideas that save you money and encourage your creativity.